Stroke and Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury

Experiencing a stroke or brain injury can lead to difficulty in communication, fine/gross motor movements, and cognition. We can meet and assist you and your loved one by creating a customized plan of care towards their independence and recovery.


We come to you. We provide individual or group sessions at homes, facilities, rehabs, or hospitals. We can include family or caregivers in the session upon request.

How We Help

Music activates cognitive, motor, and speech centers in the brain through accessing shared neural systems. Neurologic music therapy (NMT) techniques are based on neuroscience research and the science of music perception and production. NMT treatment can influence the nonmusical brain and behavior function, and when applied in neuro-rehab, can help optimize neuroplasticity.

Techniques can address:

  • Speech & Language: Expressive aphasia, respiratory control and endurance, oral motor control, apraxia, fluency, articulation, intelligibility, dysarthria and more
  • Cognition: Attention, orientation/arousal, sequencing, dual tasking, spatial neglect, executive functioning, memory and more
  • Sensorimotor: Gait rehabilitation, ataxia, fine and gross motor movements, strength, endurance, balance and stability, range of motion, coordination and more
  • Common Goal Areas

    Speech & Language

    Watch as our friends at MedRhythms demonstrate NMT techniques with this population: