Drumming has been known to yield many health benefits and may be facilitated recreationally with any age or population.


Whether it be for summer camps, office team building, school programs, or stress relief, drumming is a brilliant way to engage minds and bodies in movement and in fun.

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A music therapist will use drumming therapeutically.

Yes! Drumming can be used as therapy.

Some forms of recreational drumming include a drum circle (improvisation with social goals), a musical jam (improvisation with musical goals), a drum class (music lessons), or a performance (music presentation for an audience).

Drumming becomes therapeutic when the various aspects of drumming (techniques, rhythms, sounds, etc.) are strategically incorporated into a treatment program to assist the client reach his/her goals. A music therapist uses musical instruments, music, and the relationship formed during therapy to help the client(s) achieve non-musical, therapeutic goals.

Types of Drumming

Drum for Development.

Drum for Reconnection.

Drum for Expression.

Drum for Anxiety Relief.

Drum for Stress Relief.

Drum for Pain Relief.

Drum for Team Building.