Music Therapy is officially reimbursable in the state of Florida through Medicaid through MTM, Inc. We are vendors of both CMS Wellcare and the Gardiner Scholarship. We provide music therapy and neurological music therapy services to any child who is covered under these entities.

For children covered by CMS Wellcare, neurologic music therapy and music therapy services may be provided in-person, over telehealth, at schools and/or facilities. To request us, use our vendor code G979 when asking your Primary Care Physician to create a script for your child/client for music therapy services. Once your child is approved for services, we will receive the referral and will contact you to connect and schedule all future appointments!

We also subcontract with pre-schools, rehabilitation facilities, and outpatient facilities who are CMS Wellcare providers. Facilities can request our company to be subcontracted as their music therapy provider.

As vendors of the Gardiner Scholarship, we provide specialized neurologic music therapy, music therapy, or adapted music lesson services and will invoice the Gardiner Scholarship for any services rendered every two weeks on your behalf. Please contact us directly and provide us with your child’s Gardiner Scholarship ID to begin services.

We gladly walk any family or facility through the steps on how to receive music therapy and adapted music lesson services. For all inquiries contact us directly!