60 Minutes Each - Experiential and Didactic
Music Therapy and Pain Management

A music therapy presentation designed with medical communities in mind. We offer a look into how music therapy is a non-pharmacological pain management for individuals suffering from chronic or acute pain. We explore current research, techniques, and discuss how music therapy treatment can reduce anxiety and fear, as well as enhance the patient’s overall perception of care.

Medical Music Therapy

This presentation is designed to prove how music therapy can be effective in any medical setting and can benefit patients, families, and staff. We will discuss current research and explore how music therapy can optimize clinical outcomes as well as improve patient satisfaction scores.

Neurologic Music Therapy: An Overview

This presentation is designed for those in acute, inpatient, and outpatient rehabilitative care. We will dive into current research and explore how neurologic music therapy can help influence and re-train the injured brain in the realms of cognition, speech & language, and sensori-motor.

Music Therapy in Hospice

A look at the role of music therapy in hospice care. We will explore the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits of music therapy with patients, caregivers, and their families at end of life.

Music Therapy for Recovery

A look into how we harness the power of therapeutic music to help individuals stay sober. This presentation will discuss current music therapy research with substance abuse and addiction recovery, as well as clinical philosophies and treatment interventions.

Music Therapy with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Memory Care

A look into how music therapy benefits individuals with AD or related dementias. We will discuss the clinical benefit of having a board-certified music therapist provide services, as well as explore music therapy approaches and techniques that can enhance the quality of life for both patient and their loved ones.