Parkinson's Disease (PD)

Parkinson’s Disease can affect an individual’s movement, communication, interaction, independence and overall functioning to perform activities of daily living. Using neurologic music therapy (NMT), we can provide standardized and individualized treatment using evidenced-based techniques that focus on improving communication and movement so your loved one can thrive again in his/her environment. 


We come to you. We provide individual or group sessions at homes, facilities, or hospitals. We can include family or caregivers in the session upon request.

How We Help

Movement: Auditory rhythm assists in maintaining and normalizing functional walking patterns. A customized treatment plan utilizing neurologic music therapy techniques can improve stability, coordination, initiation, and fluidity of fine and gross motor movements in the lower and upper extremities. The end goal is to help the individual thrive in their environment safely and effectively.
Communication: We utilize neurologic music therapy techniques such as therapeutic singing and oral motor respiratory exercises to help address the quality and functionality of speech. NMT techniques can help improve respirations, dynamics, vocal control, articulation, and fluency.

Common Goal Areas

Gait Patterns
Fine/Gross Motor Movements
Speech & Language

Watch as our friends at MedRhythms demonstrate NMT techniques with this population: