Meet Team NMT

Trent Barrick

Owner and Founder

Trent is the founder and owner of Neuro Music Therapy, LLC. Trent is a 10-year board-certified music therapist and 5-year neurologic music therapist in South Florida. He has worked in hospitals, hospice, schools, rehabilitation centers, homes, and telehealth. Trent is a visionary and enjoys creating opportunities for music therapy to make an impact locally and around the world!

Feraaz Hosein

Director of Operations

Feraaz is our Director of Operations. Feraaz uses his background in optimization, analytics, and strategic pricing to help us operate with efficiency and ease. We are SO grateful for him!

Mrs. Fran

Music Therapist - Board Certified

Fran was board-certified through the Certification Board for Music Therapists in 2020. Fran has a lifelong love of music and a desire to use her gifts to change lives, especially for children in the preschool setting!

Ryan O'Hare

Senior Video Producer

Ryan O'Hare is the Senior Video Producer for Switcher Studio with over 10 years of experience in video production as a Designer, Animator, Editor, Producer, and Art Director. Some of his past clients and employers include Nickelodeon, TV Land, Paramount Network, CMT, Comedy Central, Facebook, and Art F City. Ryan is a huge lover of art and sports, but he is happiest spending time with his family and going on adventures in nature.

Raul Garcia

Music Producer and Audio Engineer

Bio coming soon!

Dr. Gillian Velmer

Co-Creator of International Aphasia Choir

Dr. Gillian Velmer is a licensed speech-language pathologist working in public schools in central New Jersey. She enjoys using music with her young students to facilitate language learning and growth. She is the founder and director of Sing Aphasia, a community-based choir for adults with aphasia.